Yet Another Set Back For James Bond 25

Yet another set back hits the, what seems to be cursed, production of James Bond 25. The two main stars of the film, James Bond, who is played by Daniel Craig, and the villain, who is played by Rami Malek, will no longer be available to film with each other.

Now it may seem from the previous sentence that perhaps the reason is some Hollywood drama, well don’t worry there is an actual adult reason for it. Because of Daniel Craig’s injury, he has been out of action for sometime, yet when he returns, Rami Malek will be leaving. Rami will be leaving for a bit due to some other filming commitments which will have started by the time Daniel Craig is set to return.

This all has happened bout a week after the explosion incident. The explosion incident, where three explosions, on the set of the film, went off destroying some of Pinewood Studios, because a stunt went awry, which ended up leaving a staff member in need of medical aid. And not to mention the new director they brought in and the script rewrite.

The film was supposed to be finished by September, yet the cast and crew have been notified by the producers, who must be getting really frustrated with these turn of events, that the film will most likely not be finished and has been pushed back to October.

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