“WWE 2K17” Release Date Announced: Game Scheduled To Debut In October This Year!

WWE 2K17 Officiel Roster – All 136 Characters (Raw Superstars, SmackDown Superstars, NXT, Legends, Divas, DLC)

WWE 2K17 Brock Lesner


‘WWE’ 2017 release date, updates: Official game title revealed? Goldberg is game’s pre-order exclusive playable character.

“WWE” game publisher 2K Sports recently announced that Billy Goldberg will be the game’s pre-order exclusive playable character. As of this moment, an official game title has not yet been revealed.

Alongside this announcement is the confirmation that 15-time WWE world heavyweight champion John Cena and WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior Sasha Banks will be added into the roster of playable characters. This is the first time for Banks to be included in the video game since she first signed up at WWE in 2010. A few weeks before E3 2016, 2K sports announced that Rob Schamberger will be painting the characters who will be added in the roster of players for the upcoming video game.

It has long been fans’ requests for the game developer to add more female wrestlers. The recent move is an implication that 2K Sports granted their followers’ request, Game Zone reported.

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