Wizard World Chicago Celebrity Spotlight Questions w/ John Barrowman and Ralph Macchio


Wizard World

Last weekend Shallow Graves covered Wizard World Chicago, it was a blast but one of the best parts was when I was able to ask John Barrow (Arrow, Torchwood, Doctor Who) three questions. He answered to the best of his ability and here’s what John had to say.

My first question, “When auditioning for Jack Harkness do you think being from Scotland had an effect of their choice?”

“I do not think that at all,” he said “when I auditioned I did it in an English accent, a Scottish accent, and an American accent and they said they preferred the American accent…so no.”

Second question, “How much of your own stunts do you do on ‘Arrow’ and do you know how to actually sword fight?”

John: “We do all of our own stunts on ‘Arrow’ unless it involves falling from a large heights, and yes I do know how to sword fight from ‘Arrow’ and know how to shoot a gun from ‘Doctor Who’.”

My final question was, “Malcolm Merlyn has always craved power but will do anything to protect Theia, will that come into play anytime in the next season and will they kinda effect each other?”

John: “I’m not allowed to say anything cause it might reveal some of the plot but all I can say is next season will be interesting”

Property of CW

Although John Barrowman could not answer my last question I felt like I was on to something. I’m going to enjoy seeing him on the next season of “Arrow” and perhaps as even Jack Harkness on “Doctor Who”. I also had the ability to ask Ralph Macchio what I would say is quite an embarrassing question, well for me anyway.

I asked, “One of my favorite things you’ve ever done is ‘Marvel Zombies’, will anything happen in the near future with any of that?”

Ralph: Actually this is quite interesting, I did not work on ‘Marvel Zombies’.  It is actually a guy with the same name as me, yeah a different Ralph Macchio.  I get this question all the time, it’s kinda funny.  People have actually asked me how it was working with Chris Helmsworth? And I just respond with ‘That’s not me’, would I like to work with him? Of course, but I haven’t so whatever. But yeah not me.”

Ralph Macchio from the karate kid and the outsiders

As you can imagine it was really embarrassing asking that question, but he laughed at it so it’s fine. I just hope this article can sum that up for him and people could stop asking him i guess.  To sum up my entire weekend at Chicago Comic Con, I had an immense amount of fun and it was great. If you ever have the chance to go… do it, it’s so much fun.