Wizard World Chicago 2017: Shallow Graves Interview With ‘Uncanny Harbour’s’ Nicholas Valaskatgis & Corey Wells


uncanny harbor

While at Wizard World Chicago 2017Shallow Graves had the pleasure of interviewing Nicholas Valaskatgis (Director) and Corey Wells (Arthur) after the screening of their 21 minute short ‘UNCANNY HARBOR’ 

Check out the video below to hear what Nick and Corey had to say about the inception of ‘Uncanny Harbor’ and what they are looking forward to next…

SYNOPSIS: Set in a seaside New England town a fisherman suffers from visions of his wife who has gone missing 20 years prior. With her disappearance remaining a mystery, investigators work off the few clues left behind. Playing with themes of isolation and paranoia, Nick Valaskatgis explores a world shrouded with unanswered questions while walking the line between science fiction and horror.

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Photographs by: Amber Heiser

Videographer: Matthew Heiser

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