Will William Shatner Return As Captain Kirk?

Although the Captain James T. Kirk we have all known and love, for around 50 years now, died in “Star Trek: Generations” and is now played by Chris Pine in the Kelvin timeline, that does not mean he will never show up again. When recently asked if William Shatner would ever play the charismatic captain ever again, Mr. Shatner had some things to say.

During an interview on KOMO Newsradio, William Shatner was asked about whether or not he would ever reprise his role as Captain James T. Kirk. Shatner replied with a definite yes, although he did add the stipulation that in order for him to reprise the role, it would have to be very well written.

Back in 2018, Shatner was asked if he would ever be starring in the new Star Trek series, “Star Trek: Discovery”, to which he replied that he would not want to star in the show, and restated that this earlier this year as well. Although Shatner does not want to star in the series, it doesn’t leave out the opportunity of a cameo, or perhaps the introduction of another person playing Captain Kirk, but in a younger state. Much like when they introduced Spock to the show.

With the news and teaser trailer about “Star Trek: Picard”, people have been curious if there may perhaps be a “Star Trek: Kirk” spinoff of some type. But, at this point it seems unlikely that Shatner would be willing to star in the show. Yet, that doesn’t outrule the likelihood of it potentially happening.

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