Will Keanu Reeves Be Singing In Cyberpunk 2077???

Johnny Silverhand is huge musician throughout the world of Cyberpunk, and who else other than Keanu Reeves could play this character. A rebel with a cause, Johnny is one character you can choose in character creation to have been your imaginary friend as a child. Yet, that isn’t all there is to this character.

As you may know or have heard by now, the new Cyberpunk game was adapted from the original Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop RPG. In this game, Johnny Silverhand was an NPC, a rebel and the lead singer of Night City’s biggest band, Samurai. Sadly, Johnny had died in Cyberpunk campiagn sourcebook. So the one you see in this game, is not the one you may have encountered in your RPG campaigns. Instead, this one is a “digital ghost” trapped in the mind of the main character and will pop up here and their to deliver advice and snarky quips. Although, he is not entirely character-less, he has his own agenda and plans for the world ahead.

Now, the big question about this character is… will he sing in game?

Sadly, the developers cannot answer that question at the moment, but it may be safe to say that we, the player, may be treated to some voice work by Mr. Reeves. Seeming how Keanu is an actual singer who was in a band once in his life. Singing and playing the guitar are just two of Keanu Reeves’ many talents, so let us hope we get to see it in action when “Cyberpunk 2077” hits the market.

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