Rocky Horror Remake…Was It All A Dream?

Somebody Must Have Cut The Thread


It has now been a week since Fox aired the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake and by now you must have read all of the…not so favorable reviews. So, as I sit here listening to the soundtrack and set later to do another makeup run for the performance of the classic at the local movie theater tomorrow night, I really can’t help but wonder why people (including myself) are so gravitated to this film. I mean, I’m not a Transvestite from the planet Transsexual in the Galaxy of Transylvania and I wasn’t alive during both the original stage play or film release. But yet, it’s one of my favorite films and has been since the ripe old age of 8.

So how could this film run this long and span so many generations when it was originally panned by critics and brought down to midnight movie cult status? My reasoning is due to the fact that there is no other film out there like it. I mean look at how much it influenced everything from the punk scene to the LGBTQ community. It has been 41 years since its theatrical release and yet kids today still dance to the Time Warp at weddings, Halloween parties, and probably some bar mitzvah’s. It’s a film that’s so relevant that it didn’t need a remake or “reimagining” and that right there is where the problem lies. It didn’t need one.

Will you stay for the night (night)

I’ve read the reviews and some stuff I agree and disagree with. One of the first I beyond disagreed with was the fact that all of the queer elements were missing that made the original so special. You mean a film where Tim Curry played a Transvestite which was so “freaky” and “out of this world” just as the LGBTQ community was starting to become more free in society? Isn’t it also “freaky” and “out of this world” that Laverne Cox who is LITERALLY a Transperson is playing Dr. Frank N. Furter in 2016 when anything that has to do with Trans is so hotly debated. Isn’t it also weird how that both Brad and Janet had sex with the opposite gender. Did anyone also note all of the rainbows throughout the duration of the remake? Now where have I seen rainbows before…oh that’s right, it’s the main symbol FOR THE FREAKIN GAY COMMUNITY!! And the fact that there was still a crap ton of gender bending that went on throughout the film means nothing. But all of these are just strange coincidences from the beginning right? Should we also talk about how Brad Majors was pretty gay from scene 1 in the remake? Nope? Let’s move on then.

The next critique of mine would be direction. The whole remake really had no direction. It just rehashed the main points of the film, but just not as well as they could have. Why was “I’m Going Home” turned into a comedy piece? The whole point is for that to be Frank N. Furters goodbye and instead it’s uncomfortably performed for laughs. Why did Frank also come out with a huge snake head mask thingy for the enterance when the original literally had just a cape? None of the costumes had the rock n’ roll attitude of the original. In fact, there was no rock n’ roll attitude to be found throughout the whole thing. It was like watching a High School drama class put on a production really, but they only saw the movie once. Not even Riff Raff’s weird glowing guitar/antimatter gun could add the attitude to the whole party.

Sorry bout it…

I did however enjoy Adam Lambert (Eddie), Victoria Justice (Janet Weiss), and Annaleigh Ashford (Columbia) throughout the whole shebang and Laverne Cox as well as Reeve Carney (Riff Raff) were great with the acting part, I just wasn’t sold with the singing for them. The finger snaps from the Transylvanians were one of the only original ideas I loved througout it though. Unfortunately, it fell flat and just as with the final song of the performance…it is lost in time, space, and meaning……………(meheaning)


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