Why Jensen Ackles Should Be Johnny Blaze In The Next ‘Ghost Rider’


johnny blaze

When thinking of Marvel characters, my boys and I often talk about who would be a candidate to play various roles. We have yet to even imagine someone other than Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or Robert Downey Jr in the role of Ironman. There have been many debates and arguments over the years over who is the best SuperheroVillainand who we would prefer play them.

In saying that, there is one actor we have agreed on, and if Marvel were to reboot The Ghost Rider series, Jensen Ackles would make the perfect Johnny Blaze. Growing up, Ghost Rider was my favorite comic books of all time. He is just so cool, powerful and bad ass! He was a character I could sympathize with. He was willing to give up everything to save someone else and in the end lost everything.

Jensen Ackles

Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider)

A motorcycle stuntman Johnny Blaze who became bound to the Spirit of Vengeance Zarathos after making a deal with Mephisto to spare his surrogate father. With the power to control hellfire and to inflict pain on evil ones with his Penance Stare, Blaze seeks vengeance as Ghost Rider.

Johnny Blaze soon found himself constantly pursued by Demons of Hell, intent on forcing him to make good on the demonic pact he had made. It was all that the Ghost Rider could do to outrun the evil, but it wasn’t enough. Eventually, Johnny was captured and taken to Hell.

Jensen Ackles

Being one half of the starring duo of Supernatural as Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles has made it an art form at being a tortured soul!.

During his tenure on Supernatural, Ackles’ character Dean has taken on many characteristics that can be compared to those of Johnny Blaze. More than that as an actor he has grown, and should he decide to take the leap from TV to the big screen Marvel should take advantage of the opportunity.

Personally, I would like to see him in a more “Spirit Of Vengeance” type role. Johnny Blaze is a little more rough and has this “I don’t care…dead to the world attitude”. He already has the demon persona down and would flourish in a gritty action setting!

One of the problems I had with Nicholas Cages “Spirit of Vengeance” was that they never fully played the whole transformation from Johnny Blaze to Ghost Rider/Zarathos. It was rushed and fell flat in many ways. Given the chance, I would like to see Ackles incarnation of Zarathos, so we, the audience can get a sense that Ghost Rider isn’t just one character, it is 2 beings that are forced to live together in 1 body. I really enjoy the story lines where Johnny Blaze suppresses Zarathos, or when Zarathos unleashes himself at random points and walk freely in the world to do as he pleases, and I think this would be perfect for a person of Ackles’ talent.

Finally…Let’s face it, THE MAN CAN ROCK THE LEATHER!!!