Why A Zombie Threat Isn’t Such A Terrifying Thing

Zombie Movies Make NO SENSE!!!

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If you fear a zombie you shouldn’t, well I guess you should, but don’t be to worried. A zombie infection is a high possibility.  We already have diseases like rabies and others that cause people to display zombie like traits. Although we don’t have any diseases or infections that turn people into actual zombies, a zombie apocalypse is arguably the most realistic turn of events. With our technology not being nearly advanced to fear the rise of the machines, and laws placed to prevent a nuclear apocalypse, a zombie apocalypse is the most reasonable way for the end of the world.

Although the zombie apocalypse is the most reasonable future possibility, it isn’t really such a threat. Now you might be asking yourself why isn’t it that scary? First off if you live in a large city like New York or Los Angeles, you are screwed.  But if you live in the mid-west or various rural regions, you are more likely to survive.  That’s a given.  Yet there is a catch… rural hot places are not safe.  If there is a zombie outbreak, it would most likely be a blood borne virus and what insect lives in hot places and drinks blood? The mosquito. So warm humid areas will get you killed.

Now all you people who have zombie proof bunkers with 10 years of food and walls of weapons, you’re over prepared.  You don’t need that much stuff cause you only need to stay alive for a couple of months.  The reason you only need to survive for such a small amount of time is because of a thing called “decay”.  Although these zombies are living dead, they’re still walking corpses.

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For people who don’t know there are 5 stages of decomposition. With the first stage starting from time of death to 3 days after, second 4 to 10 days, third 10 to 20 days, fourth 20 to 50 days, and fifth being 50 to 350 days.   Now without going into details about what happens in all the stages, I’ll just tell you that you only need to worry until the third stage.  In the third stage all bodily organs basically turn to goo and that includes the brain.  The one thing that we are told to eliminate if faced with a zombie.  So really you need to only fear being infected for about 20 days right? Wrong.  Because people are infected after being bit or scratched by zombies their body has to die first.  So it will prolong pass the 20 days, but there is a thing that counteracts this. Weather and movement.  “Casper’s Law of Decomposition” suggests that a body left in the open air decomposes twice as fast as if it were submerged in water and eight times faster if it were buried under ground.  This means these walking corpses are exposed to the air increasing the rate of decomposition, so although I could do all the math and find out exactly how long you need to worry about a zombie threat, I’m not going to cause I’ve already made it clear that it isn’t to large of a threat.  So all those movies out there with people surviving years after the outbreak are unrealistic and no one needs to worry.