Where’s All The Hype For Borderlands 3???

With no official release date set yet, Gearbox had finally released the trailer for their new game and the next installment in a famous franchise… “Borderlands 3“! Yet, it seems that the “Borderlands” name may have out lived it’s hype. With an amazing trailer full of awesome scenery and what seems to be a new expansive world, how could it not be exciting, or is the series now fatigued?

The last Borderlands game to be released was in 2014 being “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel“, which got a lot of mixed reaction from fans. Holding the same cringey and stupid comedy that the originals did, The Pre-Sequel seemed to lack the luster that made the previous titles so enjoyable. So with that being said, should we really have a Borderlands 3 or should the series have ended by now? Well that questioned can be answered from what you think of the trailer.

In the trailer we see a lot of familiar faces ranging from the first and second games, and then even the Telltale game. Along with these recognizable faces seems to come many new ones as well, including some Mad Max-esque looking bad guys, the Calypso twins. We do not know their intentions yet or what their plans are but we do know that however you and the vault hunters plan to defeat them will potentially lead you off Pandora, the planet we are so accustomed to in the series.

With over a billion new guns, including a gun that walks on it’s own, the game seems to be a nostalgic throw back to the previous titles while also laying new ground for the series. It includes all the characters we love and has new vault hunters you can maybe grow to love. The game seems new and fresh and has alot of comedy within the first couple of seconds of the trailer, so it is encouraged to check it out.

Plus Tiny Tina is back and who doesn’t love Tiny Tina!!!

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