Whatever happened to “TRICK OR TREATING”???

Day 10: “TRUNK…OR TREAT”???

shallow graves presents the 31 days of halloween

As a child growing up in New England in the 70’s, Halloween was by far my favorite holiday. Back then, we had these really hard plastic masks that were uncomfortable and held on your head by an elastic. My siblings and I would decide ahead of time which costume we were going to wear and head out right at dusk with our pillowcases to try and beat the lines of kids, which were at least 50 deep at each house. I can’t even count the number of times I said ‘Trick or Treat” in one night.

After a few hours, we would head home, dump our pillowcases of candy on the floor for our mom to check out (Razor blades in the apples and all that crap), we were allowed to gorge on candy and then we would head up to our brothers room, turn out the lights, turn on the flashlight and listen to spooky tales, before heading to be totally and utterly terrified and hugging my teddy for dear life.

Nick, Jake, and Hunter

Sadly, as we get older, “Trick or Treating” becomes less cool. I however, always loved Halloween and looked forward to the day when I could take my children “Trick or Treating”. I still remember the 1st time I took Nick out for Halloween, he was 2 and I dressed him up like a Pumpkin. He had no clue what the holiday even was, and looking back, I know it was more for me than him. Three boys later, my love for Halloween is still as big as it was when I was 6 and my boys love it as much as I do. It goes deeper than the tradition of “Trick or Treating”, it’s the history which makes it so amazing!

5 years ago, we moved from Rhode Island to Illinois. My youngest son Hunter (10), was looking forward to “Trick or Treating” with his brothers and it blew our minds to see signs up for “Trunk or Treating”!!! WTF! Are you kidding me? Where did that come from? Laziness that’s where! Parents can’t be bothered with this amazing tradition that goes back centuries! CENTURIES! I don’t want to hear it is about safety. You generally live in a neighborhood and know most of the people. You know how many kids I got last year…2!  Parents now a days, shelter their kids and try to control every aspect of their lives instead of teaching them how wonderful and rich tradition is.

I end this piece wondering will Halloween even exist when my kids have kids, or will it be another story of yesteryear’s?

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