What Is Happening With All These Star Wars Episode IX Leaks?

Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but does anyone else find it suspicious that there have been so many leaks regarding the upcoming Star Wars film? Every week you hear of a new leak that doesn’t manage to contradict the other and in some way or another manages to reveal key plot points. It’s almost as if it is being done as a marketing plan.

The Last Jedi managed to ruin everything that the Force Awakens set up. Every question we had was answered in a way that nobody expected and bored the viewers. Who is Snoke? Oh it doesn’t matter. Is Rey related to Luke? Nope he’s celibate and living on an island? Then who are Rey’s parent? Drunks that sold her away. The film left Kylo Ren in a position of power that very few wanted him to be in. Working as a whiny brat who threw temper-tantrums for the last two films, Kylo paled in comparison to that of the Empire. So Rian Johnson‘s vision of the Star Wars franchise absolutely tarnished everything that J.J. Abrams set up.

Another notable note is the lack of leaks in the last two films. The Force Awakens, at the time, was known for its closed set, only letting very few people on and having almost no leaks exposed. The Last Jedi followed this trend, with a couple of leaks that mostly weren’t true. Yet, it seems, with hindsight of course, episode 9 has had way to many leaks that it is getting suspicious. My belief is that Disney is purposefully putting out these leaks as to draw curiosity from the fans that left the series behind in favor of Star Wars: Legends (the expanded universe before Disney bought the franchise).

There has been barely any hype for this new film compared to other Star Wars films, producing a trailer that if you watch once is amazing but quickly becomes lackluster by the 2nd and 3rd time. A company like Disney would be able to cut down the amount of leaks, yet it seems as though every day there is a new one. Its almost like they want these leaks to flood the world so that fans think to themselves, “okay I can get behind that idea, maybe I will see the film.”

Although, this is just a theory. Give us a comment if you think that this is just a Disney ploy to get people in seats, or if they’re just trolls on the internet. Also tell us your thoughts and opinions on the newest film and Disney’s direction with the franchise, does it look good, or is it still a cash grab?

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