What Do Conjoined Twins, Cabaret, and Amanda Palmer Have In Common?

Two Words…Evelyn Evelyn

Birthed in the blood of their parents and raised in a chicken cage, the Neville sisters have a dark and melancholic backstory that would lead anyone else to insanity. Living through a life of circus performers, religious nut wings, and child pornography, how did these conjoined twins escape this hectic world? Well, with one forgotten word…MySpace!

The sisters, named Evelyn Evelyn, have truly lived an amazing and one of a kind life that is documented in their self titled 2011 conceptual album and graphic novel. Long story short, these two unfortunate souls were born into a chaotic and unloving world. After their mothers death upon delivery, a doctors failed attempt to separate them with a chainsaw lead to the untimely death of their father as well. Soon, a chicken farmer found the crying infants and took them into his life by raising them in a crowded chicken house on a steady diet of chicken feed. However, once the farmer passes, the girls break out of their cage in search of food. Luckily, or so they thought, the girls are found on the side of the road by a helping man. Sadly, this venture leads them into a dark and mentally jarring path in their lives. Just one of many…

Conceived by the sadistic minds of Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley, Evelyn Evelyn is a one of a kind album that can truly throw the listener for a loop. There are not too many recordings that come to mind that take so many influences from cabaret to Joy Division. With catchy songs like “Elephant, Elephant” and “Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn?“, it’s hard not to fall in love with the overlying cute and novelty-like tunes that this album exudes. But just like with life, the overpowering themes of abandonment, abuse, and death is what makes a perfect canvas for these two talented artists to paint disturbing and vivid imagery, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Breaking down their life story into three parts throughout the album, the sisters dissect what really made their lives both astounding and gruesome through ominous monologues. Scattered in between their turbulent tales lies both show tunes and troubled songs that document some of the people they have met along the way. Thanks to Dark Horse as well, these themes and events are documented in a two-tomed graphic novel with equally one of a kind illustrations.

In conclusion, Evelyn Evelyn is something that is truly (and rarely) a one of a kind story. Just like with their hectic circus lifestyle, this record and accompanying novel is truly something you need to see and hear to believe. Plus, you can’t lose with guest vocal appearances by “Weird AlYankovic, Gerard Way, Margaret Cho, Neil Gaiman, Andrew W.K., and Frances Bean Cobain, to name a few on their colossal track “My Space“. Truly amazing!

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