We Have Our 1st Scrumps “The Werewolf” Sighting


We have had our 1st SCRUMPS sighting! In New York no less!

Lori L., from Nebraska found something interesting during her recent trip to New York. While photographing her daughter in front of The Stature of Liberty she could not help but notice a little werewolf photobombing!

Lori L., still shaken up by the incident told police, “I was just taking a picture of my daughter Little Debbie, when I was this furry animal approach! I thought a wolf had escaped the Bronx Zoo or something.  I screamed and the damn thing disappeared!”

When told by Officer, that is was highly doubtful due to the fact that Staten Island was surrounded completely by water, Lori L., had only one response,  “Well dogs swim don’t they? I mean I have seen them do that doggey paddle”.  Who could argure that logic?

Could this be the elusive Scrumps The Werewolf? You decide!

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Let us know if you have seen this little creature!