Watch Sam Raimi Defend Evil Dead 1&2 On British Television

Some “Experts” Need To Go Back To School!!

Sick burn right?! Anywho, it does get a tad bit annoying that even in the year 2017 there are still “experts” saying that horror (whether it be in video games or on the big screen) promotes violence and leads to poor innocent youth committing terrible crimes against humanity. Needless to say, no evidence really supports these claims and more than a few horror fans get ticked off in the process. So of course during the conservative parental movement of the 80’s, horror movies were the torment of every house moms existence (well, that and metal music) with parents and even government officials sticking there noses into the beloved genres bloody business.

I’LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who was there to justify horror though? In the case of the British Talk Show “Central Weekend“, none other than the incomparable Sam Raimi took to the stand and defended his own films (Evil Dead 1&2) against the arrogant and belligerent system. You can watch both videos below just to see how gracefully Raimi dives into the heart of the societal critics judgements and tears them apart. Enjoy!

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