Watch David Bowie And Mick Jagger’s “Dancing In The Street” Legoified!!

It Just Got Better!!!

Since the music video for Mick Jagger and David Bowie‘s incarnation of “Dancing In The Streets” hit the airwaves, people have been making fun at how awkwardly hilarious the whole package is. Even though it was created for Live Aid, the strange and unforgettable choreography only compliments their wardrobe and set choices. So of course it was only a matter of time that the glorious video would meet with Lego to create a harmonious marriage.

Animator William Osborne created the video as a tribute to the late David Bowie and people around the world are rejoicing. Check out the video for yourself below and tell us what you think! It doesn’t matter what you wear…

Lego David Bowie & Mick Jagger – Dancing In The Street from William Osborne on Vimeo.