Walmart To Remove Video Games From Shelves… Yet Keeps Selling Guns. The Argument On If Video Games Cause Violence

We don’t often get political here on Shallow Graves, but this topic concerns an entertainment medium that I consider to have partially made me who I am. The idiotic idea that violent video games cause violence has been one that has been floating around for as long as video games have been a thing. But recently Walmart has been targeted by this controversial topic with their idea to remove violent video games from shelves.

The giant conglomerate known as Walmart has issued a statement that they will not be removing violent video games from shelves. Instead, Walmart will be removing any advertisements or demos for violent video games, which is not as bad but still needless. The company will still be selling rated M games such as “Red Dead Redemption 2” or “Call of Duty” or “God of War”, yet they will not advertise these games or allow customers to play demos for these type of games.  Yet, the company will continue to sell guns, which is understandable yet hypocritical if you think about it.  As long as they don’t take games off the shelves I am fine with it, but the fact that removing advertisements and demos for games, damages the sales of games which then damages the profits for their respected companies is something I have a problem with.

This argument on if video games cause violence is completely idiotic. There have been many studies regarding this controversial topic that have all proven the idea of video games causing violence to be false. In fact they do quite the opposite. I can tell you right now that personally, video games make me feel bad anytime I do something relatively mean to another character in those games. If I have the option to either kick a child or give them half my gold in any RPG game, I will give that child half my gold because I don’t want to feel bad about the outcome. And it seems, based on all these studies, that this is a normal response. Just look at Telltale games. At the end of every Telltale game they show you a board with all the choices you made and how that fits into how every other player’s choices throughout the game. More often than not, the choice with the highest percentage of player choices is that of one that can be considered morally good.

This argument started way back in 1976 with a game called “Death Race” that was released on an arcade cabinet. The point of the game is to run over as many goblins as you can within the specified time limit. Now, considering that back in the 1970’s the best game that came out was “Pong”, this argument can be considered nearly idiotic. The game was so “scandalous” that it was considered sick and morbid by the National Safety Council, which is poposterous considering the game looked like this:

Although video games look more realistic now, it does not mean that they cause violence within the masses. Video games are played all around the world in places like Korea, the U.K. and Japan, yet we focus our attention here in America looking at incidents that are obviously correlation not causation. In fact, Japan is one of video games largest export countries, with hundreds of video game developer countries being based out of Japan. Nintendo, From Software, Square Enix, the list goes on about Japanese video game developers, yet we decide to blame video games in America because we refuse to look at facts or face the blame on ourselves or on bad parenting or bullying at school, we want an easy answer to every problem but life doesn’t work that way. How many wars have raged before the creation of video games, how many murders, I can assure you that Charles Manson didn’t play a single video game, I can assure you that Reverend Jim Jones didn’t play a video game, and I will be absolutely shocked, I mean absolutely baffled if Jack the Ripper managed to get his hands on a video game. The argument that video games cause violence is futile and in fact video games are an outlet for most people to release their stress from the day, but what adds more stress is when people are criticized for playing video games.

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