Wachowki’s Are Working On “Matrix 4”???

Some interesting news has hit the for front. The director of “John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum“, Chad Stahelski, has commented on the future of one of the most famous philosophical movie series of all time. The potential for… “The Matrix 4“.

According to Chad Stahelski, the Wachowski’s, creators of the Matrix series, are working on the next installment, Matrix 4. About two months ago, Zac Penn said that there would not be a sequel to Matrix 3, but rather an extension to the world and series as a whole.

In the past, Keanu Reeves has stated some hesitance towards the idea of starring in another Matrix film. Yet, he has also stated that if the Wachowski duo manages to come up with an amazing script, there would be no way that he could turn down the role.

So, in the end it does seem that fans of the series have something to look forward too. Although, it may not be the direct sequel that everyone has wanted, it will be something pertaining to the series. Creating their very own expanded universe. The Matrix series is an untapped resource, imagine all the cool expansions we, the fans, would’ve gotten if those movies were released in this era of media. Video games (that are actually good), television or streaming series, or even action figures. So be on the look out for more news on the Matrix 4.