Vince McMahon Is Done Trying To Push Ricochet

It seems that Vince McMahon has just given up on another star once again. First it was Cedric Alexander and now “the man who thinks he’s a superhero” Ricochet. Just because he’s the one and only doesn’t mean that Vince McMahon will care about him, and reports tell that Vince has finally given up on the superstar’s push.

At Super Showdown, Ricochet went up against WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in a one-on-one match, Ricochet was annihilated within 3 minutes of the bell and wasn’t even able to get a single offensive maneuver in. Now, this is common for matches with Lesnar, but Ricochet has been following this trend for a while now. For example, this week on Raw, Ricochet went up against Riddick Moss, the 24/7 Champion, and lost within just a few minutes, further stating his complete burial by the higher ups.

Ricochet has also never one a pay-per-view match since joining the main roster, other than when he was apart of Team Hogan at Crowned Jewel.

Dave Meltzer even stated: “I don’t know what the mentality is. Ricochet’s done… It’s Vince. You know he may change his mind next week, but this week he’s done. He’s so done. You know this was a burial without a doubt.

He’s only won one title since joining the main roster, the United States Championship, but lost it after only 3 weeks to AJ Styles, he’s been in line for a big push for a while but has consecutively lost matches… I think it is fair to say that Ricochet will be joining the locker room once again and losing his much needed screen time.

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