Vin Diesel Reveals He Would Want Dame Judi Dench To Appear In The “Fast and Furious” Franchise

THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, Vin Diesel, Judi Dench, 2004, (c) Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

The “Fast and Furious” franchise is no stranger to adding celebrities to their roster. With Dame Helen Mirrin and, Academy Award winner, Charlize Theron first coming to mind. But one person you’d never expect to be in a “Fast and Furious” film, but is eagerly sought after by series lead, Vin Diesel, is that of Dame Judi Dench.

In an interview with MTV International, Vin was asked who he would love to “bring into the family”. To which Vin replied in a British accent, “Dame Judi Dench. I think she’d be awesome.”

Now, this wouldn’t be totally out of the question as we have seen Dame Judi Dench star in multiple action films, such as seven of the James Bond films and even starred with Diesel in one of his other action franchises, in “The Chronicles of Riddick“.

But tell us what you think. Would you like to see Dame Judi Dench star in the never dying franchise? Or do you think the series is better off without her? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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