Urban Legend…”The Hitchhiker”


Although Mercy Brown will always be my favorite, I do have a few more…and another one of my favorite urban legend’s would have to be the vanishing hitchhiker. As the story goes, a driver picks up a hitchhiker, usually on a desolate road and usually at night. Before the hitchhiker arrives at their destination, they disappear from the vehicle. I remember reading one such story in a book from that children’s series “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”. But, I think the real draw for me would have to be Resurrection Mary. It’s the most tangible for me and a story I heard from an early age.

Resurrection Cemetery is right off Archer Avenue in Justice, IL. The legend has it that a young blonde named Mary in a white party dress got in a fight with her boyfriend and left the Willowbrook Ballroom, and was killed on Archer Avenue in the 1930s by a hit-and-run driver. Since then, her ghost allegedly has been spotted hitchhiking on the busy street. When she reaches Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, she vanishes, or so the story goes.

The real “Mary” has never been identified, but according to Wikipedia, the closest connection is that of Anna “Marija” Norkus who died in an auto accident in 1927. While I have never seen this mysterious vanishing woman, driving that stretch of Archer Avenue, especially at night, has always been eerie.l