Urban Legend…The Goatman




Yesterday, I told the tale of America’s Last Vampire Mercy Brown“. I decided to ask an old friend what her favorite Urban Legend was aNd she told me of a Native American Urban LegendThe Goatmen

The story goes that Goatman is a half-human, half-goat hybrid with the top half looking human and the bottom half looking more goat-like.  She said growing up on the reservation, she often heard stories of people driving their cars down the long, dark, mostly abandoned highways and roads that run through the reservations in Wisconsin with the creature in hot pursuit.  If they drove faster, the creature ran faster, and kept up with their car all the way home or until they got into town.  A few stories claimed that drivers had been overtaken and dragged from their vehicles into the woods, never to be seen again.

Her favorite and most memorable Goatman tale involves his supposed ability to shapeshift.  The story goes that the civic center, a popular social spot on reservation, was hosting a dance for young people to meet and greet.  Into the dance walked a mysterious and handsome stranger that no one had ever met or heard of before that night.  He danced like a devil, and he had his pick of women all night.  At the end of the night, he tried to convince his latest dance partner to leave the dance with him.  As they stood just outside, underneath the glow of the streetlights, she considered leaving with him but ultimately decided it probably wasn’t a great idea.  She made the right decision because as he left her standing there and retreated into the dark woods, she saw that he no longer wore shiny dance shoes but that his feet were hooves.

She ran inside to get some guys together to go after him but, by time they rushed outside, he had vanished.

Let us know your favorite Urban Legend!!!