Unknown Man Died Eating Library Paste…

You Couldn’t Ask For A Better Headline!

A headstone in Goldfield, Nevada serves as a grim reminder to not ingest library paste.

The headstone is located in the Goldfield Pioneer Cemetery and simply reads, “Unknown Man Died Eating Library Paste, July 14, 1908”. There is almost no known history aside from a newspaper clipping that shares little information.

As the unlucky drifter would soon find out, library paste contains both flower and water which are not harmful to the human body. But, it also contains alum which is toxic and of course deadly if consumed.

Travelers can still visit the grave site today that has both strangely and luckily been maintained. Possibly by visitors over the years. Aside from being an interesting find the gravestone serves as a cautionary tale reminding folks that even though library paste might be sweet, it is deadly.

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