TV Rots Your Brains: Warehouse 13 Review

Warehouse 13 Review

Episode 310: INSATIABLE

With only one episode left of the Season 3, Warehouse 13  isn’t disappointing, it just gets better. I love this show!

This weeks episode Insatiable proved just that. Stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Pete and Myka are sent to Ithaca, NY to find out why it is being plagued by ravenous half frozen Zombie cannabalistic people after two teens are bitten in the woods while making out in a car. (Would it happen anywhere else?) After deciding to checking out the area, Pete, who gives Myka a lesson in horror movies, come across one of the Zombie-like men eating a deer. Pete’s conclusion to the situation is “POP POP” two shots to the head. (I love Eddie McClintock. He has a great acting style and his brand of humor kills me everytime.) After the monster tries to attack them, it is neutralized, and brought to the hospital. Meanwhile Artie is yielding no results as to what is causing the Zombie-like illness.

On another front, Claudia has taken a few days off after her new BFF (Best Friend Forever) Jinks aka Steven Jinks (Aaron Ashmore), has been fired from the Warehouse for going against Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder), (Ballsy move I must say). This left him burned, no job, no money, no credit, nothing. Claudia has been trying non-stop to get in touch with Jinks who has been refusing to return her phone calls. The one time he finally does is when she has just met a local musician who asks her to be part of his band after seeing her perform.  Screaming to the heavens so to speak while in the warehouse, Claudia’s anguish is met by a Fortune Telling Carnival Game named Sallah (think the movie BIG), who tells her she is going to die by nightfall.

Meanwhile, Pete and Myka check out a frat house where another incident has occurred and one of the frat brother has come down with the Zombie illness. After Peter is bitten by the monster, they realize that a bite doesn’t spread the disease but that a local taco truck that Peter just ate at is the one common denominator for all the victims and that Myka has been affected. Heading to a power plant where the the Taco Truck is now parked, they soon find themselves in hot water as their car is surrounded by zombies. What’s worse for Peter, Myka has also turned in the car, and is looking to take a bite out of him.


Getting away, and making a mad dash for the Taco truck, Peter searches feverishly for the artifact. Remembering that Myka paid, Peter sees the tip jar and smashes it on the floor of the Taco Truck. Instantly, the the blood thirsty zombies return to normal.

Back at the warehouse, Leena (Genelle Williams) returns and is alerted about a live artifact in the warehouse. Checking it out, she finds Claudia consumed by a water artifact that has covered her body and is drowning her. After rescuing her, Claudia tells her friend about the fortune tellers predictions. Leena informs her the artifact is there because it is in fact a hypnotist and that Claudia is not going to die unless that is what she believes. Claudia decides today is not the day. She texts Jinks she is not giving up on him and tells the local musician she is in.

Jinks reads the text at a seedy bar where his credit card has just been declined and a stranger offers to pay for his drinks. Jinks recognizes him as Sykes right hand man who offers him a job. The scene ends where a bitter Jinks offers up a stool to hear what the man has to say…I’m really hoping Jinks is looking to play this man cozy up to get to Sykes and take him down. I like Aaron Ashmore and really think he would be an incredible addition to the show.

I have to say, it makes the finale preview look that much more interesting and I look forward to next weeks episode to see how it all comes together. Stay tuned…

Warehouse 13 Stars: Saul Rubinek as Artie Nelsen, Eddie McClintock as Pete Lattimer, Joanne Kelly as Myka Bering, and Allison Scagliotti as Claudia Donovan.