TV Rots Your Brains: Thursday Viewing Schedule

Thursdays have definitely maintained their status as MUST SEE TV day since the phrase was coined. Our Thursday lineup is no exception. This is easily one of our favorite viewing days of the week. Tomorrow we will have a Special Edition 1 Episode Season Finale review for Burn Notice. It will enter our roster on regular rotation next season. Why? Well it happens to be a favorite of our fearless leader (not so fearless when Zombies are around) and that’s enough reason for us.

Now for the usual suspects we’ll be keeping an eye on every Thursday.



Vampire Diaries : Season 3

Was there really any question as to if this show would make the lineup or not? No. We love this show! Originally a book series, it is brought to us by Kevin Williamson, the same person who brought us such the 90s horror fun in Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and The Faculty. Incidentally he is also behind the next show in our lineup. We’ll get to that below. Vampire Diaries did start out with rocky beginnings but once it found its footing it picked up speed and keeps on going. The pacing of this show has been amazing. Marketed towards a younger audience we have been continually surprised by this show and have enjoyed the ride. It has everything you could ask for in a genre show, vampires (of course), werewolves, witches, and if the 2nd Season Finale is any indication we’ll be dealing with some ghostly manifestations this season too. While all the elements of this series parallel those of True Blood, these 2 shows could not be more different in their execution.

So join us as True Blood ends its season this coming week and Vampire Diaries starts their next chapter. Check out the delicious preview below! Vampire Diaires begins its 3rd Season on September 15th at 8:00 PM Eastern / 7:00 PM Central on The CW.



The Secret Circle : Series Premiere

Following the Vampire Diaries is the next show in our lineup, The Secret Circle. This is another series that is based on a book series by L.J. Smith (Vampire Diaries). Kevin Williamson also has a hand in bringing this one to the screen. The series follows an orphan girl who moves back to her late mother’s hometown and discovers she is descended from a family of witches. The show’s lead Brit Robertson is joined by Thomas Dekker (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Natasha Henstridge (Species). We have a feeling Shallow Graves staffers are going to have many more “I know that actor” moments with the number of witches roaming this town. We just hope this series can carry on the success of its lead-in show.

For those of us not fortunate enough to get a taste of it at Comic Con check out the preview below and the link below that for an extended series preview. The Secret Circle premieres September 15th at 9:00 PM Eastern / 8:00 PM Central on The CW.



Person of Interest : Series Premiere

Definitely a departure from the other shows we will be viewing this evening. From JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan, Person of Interest is a conspiracy theorist worse nightmare. Reminiscent of the plot of Minority Report, in which a crime can be predicted, the twist comes in the technology can only predict the person that is party to the crime, not if their actual involvement in said crime. The technology is designed by Mr. Finch (Michael Emerson, Lost) who enlists the services of John Reese (Jim Caviezel) a former government agent presumed dead. From what we have seen in preview videos these 2 have great chemistry. We really can’t wait to see how this show plays out and we are excited to see something a bit more substantial than the cop dramas and kitschy spy shows of recent years.

Check out the preview below and tune in with us when Person of Interest premieres on September 22nd on CBS.

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