TV Rots Your Brains: Sunday Viewing Schedule

With Leverage and Falling Skies over and True Blood nearing its finale, Shallow Graves is looking to the fast approaching fall season for some amusement. Join us as we review our favorite returning shows, promising new shows, and shows that might deserve a look in their sophomore season.

Sunday starts off our week with no lack of viewing options. Check out our picks and let us know what you will be watching on Sunday.

Dexter : Season 6


Last season ended with Dexter almost being caught by his adopted sister Deb. We are anxious to see how this will play out as Dexter and Deb’s relationship has always been an important one in Dexter’s life and from what we hear, this season will have a strong focus on this primary relationship. While Season 5 had some of the highest ratings in the show’s history many fans felt it was not a strongest season for the show. A new showrunner and declaration of getting back to the roots of the character may be what the show needs to continue in a strong direction and squelch rumors that this might be the last season.

Check out the trailer below and join us when Dexter returns on October 2nd at 9:00PM Eastern/8:00PM Central on Showtime.


The Walking Dead : Season 2


We’ll be honest, we’ve never watched the show, but since Season 1 was only 6 episodes, there should be plenty of time for us to check it out before the 2nd Season premiere. We’ll let you know if these Zombies are worth adding to our Sunday lineup.

In the meantime the Season 2 trailer is below. The Walking Dead Season 2 airs on October 16th at 9:00 Eastern / 8:00 Central on AMC.


For those unable to tune into Showtime or AMC we have another offering for your entertainment although definitely milder in comparison to the first 2 shows.


Once Upon A Time : Series Premiere


If you were a fan of Lost at any point in time you might want to check this show out. At least that is one angle they are using to try and entice viewership. “From the writers of Lost…” We’ll be checking it out because we love a good fairy tale gone slightly askew. It has potential but is not the only fairy tale based show premiering this season. We’re hoping it’s better than it sounds because it’s hard deal with the modern day setting being called Storybrooke. We are happy to see pixyish Jinnifer Goodwin as a major player here, although we do have reservations about Jennifer Morrison being the heroine of this tale. Here’s hoping she proves us wrong. As we said, we do love a twisted good fairy tale.

Here is the official trailer for Once Upon A Time beginning October 23rd at 8:00 Eastern / 7:00 Central on ABC.


Don’t forget to sign up/log in and tell us what you will be watching on Sunday nights! And check back tomorrow to see what we will be watching on Monday nights!

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