TV Rots Your Brains: Monday Viewing Schedule

Ugh…Monday, definitely not the most fun day of the week.  We hope what airs on Monday nights will get us over the Monday blues.  We’ll be tuning into Castle and Hawaii 5-0, but the show we will be reviewing is Terra Nova.

Terra Nova : Series Premiere

The basic premise of the show is set in a future where Earth  can no longer sustain us.  Scientists have come up with a time machine to transport people back to prehistoric times.  The show will focus on the colonists that are sent back and more specifically on one family. From the trailer it appears that the mother and father were not supposed to make the journey to Terra Nova.  We’re excited for this show to begin.  There hasn’t been a decent dino-centric show or movie in recent years and it’s time for a reboot.  Our biggest concern at present is that the show will be broadcast on FOX and their track record with canceling some of our favorite shows has not been good.


Check out the trailer below and join us when Terra Nova airs a two-hour premieres on September 26 at 8:00PM Eastern/7:00PM Central on FOX.


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