Jake’s Top 5 ‘Dredd’ Sequel/Prequel Storylines


Karl Urban as DREDDA few weeks ago after covering Chicago Comic Con I posted an article about meeting and speaking with my idol Karl Urban (Dredd) and before I knew it that conversation not only went viral but took on a life of its own which got me thinking about 5 storylines I would love to see made into movies based on the Judge Dredd comic books besides the one mentioned in my previous post.


5. Robot Wars

If done right, this storyline would be interesting to see as a movie.  Basically, it is about how a robot starts a rebellion against the humans, the judges.  How awesome would a terminator style fight against the machines be?  I would love to see it!


4. The Cursed Earth

This particular storyline involves some more than just the judges. Also considered the first Dredd epic storyline, it involves Dredd and a small unit of judges traveling across the Cursed Earth to deliver a vaccine for the 2T-FRU-T virus that has plagued Mega City-One. It would be an adventure of epic portions.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind if Judge Anderson sat this one out.  The focus should be on the dynamic between Dredd and the inhabitants of the Cursed Earth.

 Dredd Comic Book

3. The Day the Law Died

This is the storyline that first introduced me to Judge Dredd.  I absolutely love it! Things are put into motion when the head of the Special Judical Squad, Judge Cal, kills Chief Judge Goodman and seizes the position for himself. We find out he is an insane, oppressive dictator. He appoints his best friend, a goldfish, as Assistant Chief Judge.  The goldfish becomes known as Chief Judge Fish.  Dredd and a few other judges, not under Judge Cal’s control, oppose his reign and form a resistance.


2. Return of Rico

While this storyline was previously done in Judge Dredd (1995) starring Sylvester Stallone,  I believe it could have been done better.  Judge Dredd’s clone brother, Rico, comes back to earth after being held on the detention colony of Titan. Rico is out for revenge against his brother for his long imprisonment.

Dredd Comic Book

 1. Judge Death and Necropolis

These are actually two different stories involving the Dark Judges.  Combined, they could make for a movie of epic portions.  Necropolis, the Dark Judges, brainwash a Judge named Kraken, making him the new Dark Judge.  Meanwhile these alien judges from another realm declare that everyone in Mega City-One has committed the crime of life and the judgement is death. Everyone is sentenced to death, but Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson are fighting back. This is the number one sold Judge Dredd comic book to date. I believe it would make a great movie and is my topic for the next Dredd movie.

These are my picks and I would love to hear what my fellow ‘Dreddites’ think and if there are storylines you would love to see made into a movie.

Jake K signing out till next time!