Took Me By Surprise: What Will Joaquin Pheonix Bring To The Joker?

What Dreams (Or Nightmares) May Come?

From the creation of the Clown Prince of Crime to now, the world has seen many iterations of the most iconic villian in all medias of entertainment. So, at this point, after so many actors (with few greats) does Phoenix have to offer?

As seen all over social media, everyone has their own positive and negative opinions about Joaquin Phoenix‘s take on the Joker. Right from the first announcement of this project there have been very skeptical and skewed views of the cast and possible direction of the upcoming film. I was admittedly one of those people. However, that all changed with this 30 second teaser…

I was honestly blown away at the basic simplicity of this clip. There’s a plain looking man standing against a backdrop with the projections of a cynical clown dancing with our main character as the backdrop. From there the two images merge for the full realization of the character. But, it is drastically different from what the audience has previously seen. This…”Joker“…looks nothing like we have seen before. The demeanor is different, the makeup has drastically changed, and the absence of the iconic smile right at the end left me breathless. There’s a level of cynical and letting go of the emotional binds people carry in the world that shows just how mad a free spirit can be in the real world.

After this clip surprised viewers, two more clips from filming have surfaced raising more anticipated questions than answers.

What does it all mean? Are we seeing another mob boss? Or from what the subway clip shows, is this Joker the next Messiah? From what I can at least gather, this is not just a reiteration of Heath Ledger‘s portrayal.

As for criticizing an origin story, this gives the option of a new take on how someone could become so crazy. We have seen and read The Killing Joke and there have been other bits and pieces throughout comic history of how this insane character became to be that this film could be a new and refreshing take on how anyone can break down to go completely mad.

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Whatever this new Joker brings, I hope it is a reawakening and/or rebirth for DC. It is always an easy route to throw in this iconic character into a DC movie to get movie goers into seats. But this movie doesn’t seem cute, fun, or a cash grab. Hopefully, it will take us all by surprise.

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