Tom Holland’s “Uncharted” Film Adds Antonio Banderas To Its Cast

The new “Uncharted” film, based on the game series of the same name, has long been in development. Starring Tom Holland as a younger Nathan Drake, and Mark Wahlberg as Drake’s mentor and friend Sully, “Uncharted” is trying to build up quite a cast, and it seems they have just added another major actor to their cast list.

The film has reportedly added Antonio Banderas to the cast list, yet since Wahlberg is playing Sully, it is unknown as to who Banderas will be playing.

According to Variety, two other actors have joined Banderas in the film, those actors being Sophia Ali (Grey’s Anatomy) and Tati Gabrielle (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina). It is also unclear as to who these two will be playing.

The main reason behind all the mystery as to who is playing who, is because this film adaptation of the beloved franchise by Naughty Dog will be a somewhat prequel to the series. The film will focus on a much younger Nathan Drake (who, as previously mentioned, will be played by Tom Holland) and his adventures, being somewhat reminiscent of a young Indiana Jones. This is something that Naughty Dog hasn’t delved into in great detail, so it kind of gives the writers some free reign on what they want to do.

Let us know what you think of an “Uncharted” film. Do you think that it should even be made? Or do you think they should’ve done an older version of the character starring Nathan Fillion, like many fans petitioned for? Let us know by contacting us at our Facebook/Twitter or by leaving a comment down below.

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