Tom Holland Wishes For Super-Hero Movie With Spider-Man And This X-Men Character

Less than two weeks from the release of the next installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Spider-Man: Far From Home“, in which Spider-Man gains a new ally in the form of Mysterio. Through this film he must learn to cope with the loss of his friend, Iron Man, in “Avengers: Endgame“. And even with all that actor Tom Holland has expressed what comic he wants made into a movie.

Through an interview with Comics Explained, Tom Holland was asked what what X-Men character and comic book story would he like to see made into a feature film. The answer involved his character, Spider-Man, and another famous character… Not Deadpool, but Wolverine.

There is a famous storyline in the “Ultimate Spider-Man” series, which is perfect because the MCU is most like the Ultimate universe, in which Wolverine and Spider-Man swap bodies. They have to find out why and have an interesting adventure in this Freaky Friday-esque storyline.

The story itself is full of whacky high jinx like Spider-Man (a teenager) in Wolverine’s disgusting animal like body, and Wolverine who is in Peter’s body going to school. Let’s just hope they remove the scene where Wolverine tries to have sex with Mary Jane.

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