“Titans” Season 2 Trailer Reveals “Game of Thrones” Star’s Batman and Deathstroke

So many amazing actors are set to play Batman. What is the number up to around 3 now, all existing around the same time. First we had Robert Pattinson who will be playing Batman on the big screen, then we have the news of old man Bruce Wayne being played by the one and only Kevin Conroy, and now we have Iain Glen from “Game of Thrones” playing the dark knight.

This season is set up to be a rather big one. The “Titans” show was a big shock to everyone, with a trailer that showed a bunch of teens full of angst running around with super powers and swearing about Batman. We instead got a good show with a decent plot and some nice character development.

This season sets up the show with introducing a whole new load of heroes and “sidekicks” to team up with the Titans. Potentially an introduction of Superman in a later season and perhaps Wonder Woman, as hinted at by the appearance of Super-boy and Wonder-girl, but right now we have the introduction of Batman played by Iain Glen. It is unknown whether or not he will be dawning the cape and cowl or just be playing Bruce Wayne. In the trailer we see the latter situation where he is just the billionaire, although a rough a gruzzled one rather than the pretty boy one we are all used too.

The show is also introducing the new villain, Deathstroke, played by Esai Morales. One of my favorite villains of all time, a man able to take on the whole Justice League on his own, Deathstroke has a history in the comics with the Titans, so perhaps that history will play out in the show. And who knows maybe we will get a Judas Contract storyline, for those who don’t know that storyline look it up because it is one of the greatest plot lines in history… and somewhat the creepiest.

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