Throwback Thursday’s “RANT FROM A SCREAM QUEEN”… Supernatural 9×15, “#THINMAN”


Supernatural 9x15 thinman

Heaven help anyone who has a negative thing to say about The CW’s Supernatural. Well according to this season so far, Heaven is closed so all you die hard Supernatural fans gather your pitchforks and torches because I have a lot to say!

All week I looked forward to watching this week’s episode. The Ghostfacers Ed Zeddmore (A.J. Buckley)  and Harry Spangler (Travis Wester), were back. I had my pen and notebook ready and sat down to what I was certain to be a funny episode. I was sadly mistaken, and I have to admit more than slightly peeved off by the time the closing credits ran. As I sat down the next day to write my recap, I found I couldn’t. The episode was painful enough to watch the first time that I could not relive it.

This is what I have to say…It is no secret I’m sure that Supernatural has slowly been going downhill. That the “Road So Far” is quickly filling with a lot of “Sink Holes”. Before I even get to this week’s episode, I want to ask the writer’s, “What goes through your mind as you write an episode? Do you think it through? Is there more than one writer, and in the end you just mesh the script together in hopes that it will work?” These are just a few of my questions, I would love an answer to.

Supernatural 9x15 thinman


I have been a fan of Supernatural since season one. It was awesome that the basis of the show that season was one of myths, legends, and lore.  I have to ask, “Where did that go?” I understand a show must evolve, but they don’t even touch on it anymore. All Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) do now is run around chasing their tails. I have chosen to make a list of complaints and here they are:

  1. Sam and Dean are at odds with one another yet again. Dean tricked a dying Sam into being possessed by the angel Ezekiel so he could be healed. Turns out it wasn’t Ezekiel, it was an angel named Gadreel (i.e. the angel that guarded Eden from evil, and was tricked into letting Lucifer corrupt it and because of this has spent an eternity in one of heavens dungeons until he and all the angels were cast out of heaven.) Once discovered and expelled, Sam felt betrayed by Dean and stated they can’t be brothers anymore but can be business partners. When asked if the tables were turned would Sam do the same for Dean? Sam told him he would let him die. Are you kidding me??? Has Sam forgotten his more than sordid past? He ditched his brother for college has consistently shown Dean his lack of worth. He was raised by Dean, Dean went to hell for him, only to return to find Sam shacking up with the demon Ruby and hooked on demon blood. Later he even beats the hell out of Dean and walks out on him for Ruby. Later, when Dean has started a new life with Lisa and Ben thinking Sam is still in hell from the previous season, he finds out that isn’t true. In the end, Dean leaves them for Sam.  In season eight, where Dean spent a year in Purgatory, not only did Sam not look for him, but he ended shacking up with woman and a dog that he hit. In the end he grudgingly came back to Dean. Is anyone else sick of this all or nothing fighting and evident trust issues? Sam just needs a good slap perhaps by Castiel (Misha Collins), telling him to get off his high horse and stop acting like a 5 yr. old.
  2. They consistently introduce a new character and, once you get invested in them, they are either killed off or written off badly. I can go in to detail about John, Ash, Ellen, Jo, Andy, Gabriel/Trickster, grandpa Samuel, Rufus, Meg (I’m actually wondering if she’s alive), Kevin, and yes Lucifer (who doesn’t love Mark Pellegrino?).  But, who has that kind of time? Instead I will go into the one character on this show in who you not only became invested in but became such a pivotal part of the show that you wish the writers would come up with a way to bring him back. Yep, you guessed it…Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver). Bobby made the show complete. His character had something for everyone. He was older than the Winchester brothers which I think helped with bringing in an older demographic age to the show. That aside, he was a father figure, an encyclopedia of all things supernatural and otherwise, he was funny as heck.  All in all he became just as important to the show as Sam and Dean and you can see where his loss has affected the show in such a way that the characters of Sam and Dean are missing something. As I said before, we don’t care how.  Just bring him back!
  3. Which finally brings me to the Ghostfacers and how the writers yet again figured out how to destroy two otherwise amazing characters. It was bad enough that they sent Charlie (Felicia Day), off with Dorothy to OZ. True we could see her again, but seriously…OZ. Bad taste left in my mouth on that storyline. Let’s not forget Garth (D.J. Qualls), who was introduced in season seven as a gawky hunter with a quirky personality who, in the wake of Bobby’s death, took over Bobby’s role of being the “IT” guy for all hunters and is now a Werewolf (S9 E12) and part of a Werewolf community. Yes, you just read that and, worse, it’s true.
Supernatural thinman sam dean ed

This week’s episode, as I mentioned, features the Ghostfacers, Ed Zeddmore (A.J. Buckley) and Harry Spangler (Travis Wester), who were introduced in 1×17, “Hell House”, as two bumbling wanna be paranormal experts looking to make it big by shooting a web series on ghost hunting (they even have their own theme song). The Ghostfacers have made a few appearances over the years on various episodes.  These two have had great chemistry that is undeniable both on and off screen…until now.

We all understood that “Thinman” is a rip-off of “Slenderman” and waited to see where they were going with the storyline. Well, they kept to some of the lore of “Slenderman” with pictures and story but then annihilated it completely by making it a bad parody of the movieSCREAM. Hell, we guessed there were two of them in the first scene of the girl getting killed, and the reasoning of why the psychopath’s killed was just as ridiculous. “Oh my boss wouldn’t give me a day off or she refused a date with me,”is an insult to real psychopath’s worldwide. What we didn’t expect, but were not surprised about, was the ruin of the Ghostfacers nor the fact that they would take their characters and parallel them to Sam and Dean in their current dilemma.

How you ask? Harry was going to marry a girl and leave the Ghostfacers for a life in the corporate world. Ed, afraid of being alone, losing his friend, and breaking up the Ghostfacers comes up with the imaginary character “Thinman” and posts some pictures and a story to the internet.  Hell, they even end up writing a book on it. Well, Harry buys it, and somewhere along the line breaks up with his girlfriend and the two take off on their quest for “Thinman” which over time has become a favorite with people making up their own tales and posting them to the internet.

Supernatural 9x15 thinman

During their search, and after the death of a girl at the beginning of the episode, they run into none other than Sam and Dean (and if I had to count how many times Dean threatened to shoot them, I would have a new drinking game). After the second death Ed drops off Harry in a small wooded lot to search for “Thinman” and pays a visit to the Winchesters where he confesses his made-up story and that he wants to turn the case over to them. Sam tells him keeping things from the people you care about is “bad” and that nothing will come of it. Well, we know who that was really meant for in the room.

Meanwhile, Harry runs into “Thinman” in the woods and ends up getting cut before escaping where he is greeted by the Winchester’s and Ed. Once Harry is patched up, Ed comes clean and BOOM, we are paralleling the Winchester’s. Harry can’t trust Ed and states he’s done although all four end up being taken by both “Thinmen.” Dean kills one while Harry saves Ed and shoots the other. The episode ends with Harry leaving Ed roadside by the van stating how he can’t trust him and was deceived before walking off and catching a ride with the brothers. In the Impala he tells the brothers that when you are with someone basically you picture growing old together and before you know it you are looking at an empty chair beside you. Wow, so shocking and familiar!

Supernatural -- "#THINMAN" -- Image SN916a_0155 -- Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and AJ Buckley as Ed -- Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

You could tell from the first moment that Ed and Harry made their appearance something was off, the characters were not connecting the way they have in the past. They lacked any chemistry that was apparent in previous episodes. Sadly, the episode was more about Sam and Dean and the writers destroyed the Ghostfacers by using them as a synonym to move the Winchester’s story along.

If there is one more thing I have to say it is to the writers, it’s this: Pay attention to consistencies, loved characters, and to the Winchester brothers and what makes them, them. If you are seriously clueless about this, pay attention to the fans, they know. Thank you.