Throwback Thursday…Rhode Island Comic Con 2016…Stan Lee Makes His Last New England Appearnce



Although this may be  his last New England appearance, Stan Lee a young 93, definitely made sure his fans were left with a lasting impression at Rhode Island Comic Con last weekend.

Lee, who has made more than 30 cameos during his tenure with Marvel on both the big and small screen,stated his favorite being in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” where he plays a World War II military vet who must be carried away after consuming Thor’s Asgardian ale.

“It’s my favorite cameo … because it’s the only one I have two scenes,” Lee said. “First, I’m talking with Thor. And, the next, they’re carrying me out.”

Lee followed by saying his favorite comic book creation is “The Amazing Spider-Man” and he got the inspiration for another one of his popular creations, “The Incredible Hulk,” after seeing Boris Karloff in “Frankenstein” on television for the umpteenth time.

“What if you had a hero who was a monster but was really a good monster but nobody knows that,” Lee said. “That’s how the Hulk was born.”

During his panel, Stan Lee received a “Lifetime Achievement Awards” from his peers, some of which were comic book legends that he worked with as well as others he has inspired.

“Don’t write for other people…Write for yourself, because the only person whose tastes you really know and understand is you,” Lee said to the would-be comic book writer in the audience. “And, then there’s a chance what you wrote is genuine and it could be good.”

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Photos by Max Legault