This James Bond Is In Talks To Play Alfred In New Batman Movie

We’ve got our Bruce Wayne for Matt Reeves‘ new Batman film, yet we don’t have one of the most integral member of Wayne’s family… the butler. Alfred Pennyworth is more important to Bruce Wayne than anyone else, yet who will play the British father figure for our new hero. Well, it may be none other than James Bond of course.

Pierce Brosnan is in talks to play the wise cracking and wise butler to the caped crusader. Pierce Brosnan would be a perfect fit for the character. Once playing the greatest spy in the world, he will now be playing a former SAS operative, as well as sporting a suit most of the time. And we all know Brosnan looks good in a suit, so he has that covered already.

Now, you must remember that this Alfred has nothing to do with character of the same name in the television series “Pennyworth“. All though the same character essentially, they are not related in any other way than by name. They are two different universes versions of the same character.

So what do you think, do you think that Brosnan would be a good Alfred Pennyworth, starring opposite of Robert Pattinson‘s Bruce Wayne? Or should Matt Reeves keep looking?

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