This Is The Day That Matt Reeves’ Batman Film Starts Filming

We’re getting closer and closer to the newest version of caped crusader in the film “The Batman“. As discussed before on our site, Matt Reeves‘ Batman film is about Bruce Wayne during the start of his run as the dark knight and follows a similar storyline to that of the comic “Batman: Year One“.

Although some casting still needs to be done, with some roles still being empty, and Robert Pattinson currently filming another movie, ironically with Christopher Nolan, the film seems on its way to beginning.

Robert Richardson, the cinematographer on the film, and Matt Reeves have their eyes set on a date and location to begin filming. The crew and all its members are looking for the date of January 13th in London, England. Giving Pattinson enough time to finish his film and for the rest of the cast to, well, be casted.

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