By: Nick Kelley

uncensored dead island riptde
uncensored dead island riptde



Let me start off by saying, if you are looking for a zombie game with an intense storyline or brings a new perspective to the world of the undead…then this is not your game. However, if you are a fan of the first Dead Island or you just want to run around and hack zombie’s heads off or run them over with a car, then this game is for you.

Dead Island Riptide is the sequel to 2011’s Dead Island and continues the storyline to the first game. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, you do the same thing of run around an untouchable paradise and kill off the infected while trying to find out what’s going on and to get off the island. It has the same characters that anyone who has played the first game has come to love: American football player Logan Carter, rapper Sam B, Hong Kong police officer Xian Mei, and Australian bodyguard Purna. You start off by the four of you on a ship commanded by the ADF Colonel Sam Hardy after escaping from the island of Banoi. You are then immediately put in custody by a man named Serpo whom you later find out has ties to powerful people. While in custody your character is sedated and examined. Upon waking up from the sedatives, you find out the ship has been overrun by zombies. After fighting your way through the zombie hoard, you meet up with the survivors, and the ship crashes on the island of Palanai. The island, as you end up finding out is also populated by zombies as well as other survivors. Looks like you’re not out of the waters yet…..

Dead Island Riptide
Dead Island Riptide

Dead Island Riptide was somewhat of a let down for me for the fact that I thought there was going to be a development in the storyline as well as the characters. Instead, everything is exactly the same as the first Dead Island or dare I say worse. The graphics didn’t advance and I really wished for more realistic zombies as well as people. I even took the risk of choosing a different character for this game wondering if it would be a different experience. It wasn’t and I should’ve just played as Sam B. who I came to enjoy from the first game. Some of the good things for the game is that you get guns early on and that some of the weapon choices are interesting like nail guns and flare guns which are fun for awhile. Also, running over zombies with a car was still enjoyable. The game does end off pretty well though which seems like there may be another game in the future.
Again, if you just want some fun with gore or to run around and kill zombies, then you’ll like this game.

Dead Island Riptide is available on PS3, XBOX 360, and PC.

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