Things Are Already Heating Up Between AEW And WWE

And we’re off to the races. With the conclusion of AEW‘s first PPV finished, Vince McMahon must be seething with anger. As already discussed on the site, the show “Double or Nothing” was fantastic, making the people in attendance wonder if they even had seats. People got even more excited from the jabs that the company took at their competitor.

Starting it off with Cody Rhodes demolishing a gilded throne covered in skulls with a sledgehammer, a reference to Triple H’s “Wrestlemania” entrance and his signature weapon, the sledgehammer. This stirred some major publicity for the event, bringing about a nostalgic feeling similar to “Vince fears WCW” back in the 90’s. These aren’t the only ways that AEW took jabs at WWE, another is the arrival of one of WWE’s most wasted wrestlers, Dean Ambrose (who is using his pre-WWE name Jon Moxley). After the show Jon Moxley and Cody, met up for a promotional photo, flipping off the competitor.

Many other wrestlers have pitched in their thoughts about the new promotion, giving it thumbs up and saying that it is going to change the world of wrestling, many of these wrestlers once being employees under Vince McMahon. Terry Funk, Bret Hart, Dean Ambrose, Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho, and many more, every one is on the AEW train as it barrels through the station.

WWE missed it’s opportunity to outshine AEW in anyway this monday, only taking a slight but useless jab at the new promotion. That jab coming from yet another underused talent in the WWE, Sami Zayn. Sami Zayn, who was holding a question and answer session on the show, decided to mock the audience as most heels do, and decided to slip in a mention about AEW before being cut off.

If this is any omen for the future events of professional wrestling, we know that it is going to get heated. I can assure you it will be exciting and the constant “subtle” jabs at the rival company will keep coming from both parties. So let the competition begin.

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