Theories: The Thing


(warning: spoilers ahead)

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I know this movie may be old but It is still a great classic.  “The Thing” haunts you, making you ask who is not really who they say they are.  The movie also shows some pretty dated but still amazing practical effects, that honestly make the the creature look almost real.  Yet I’m not here to praise or fault the movie I’m hear to explain a few things.

As anyone who has seen the movie can say, it’s pretty unclear who is “The Thing” and who is not.  Keith David and Kurt Russel sit in front of each other fearing that the other is the monster that has murdered all their friends, and the film ends with Keith David drinking some scotch and Kurt Russel laughing.  This is a key element to the movie.

In the beginning of the movie Kurt Russel’s character is introduced with him playing a game of chess on his computer, he “wins” the game by pouring his, recently poured, glass of scotch into the computer.  This scene is then mimicked in the final scene when Keith David drinks from the bottle.  As we know the creature can’t create false body parts such as: fake teeth, ear rings, prosthetic limbs or anything like that. So those are a clear give away that it is the monster, but what if the creature doesn’t have the same eating habits as us?

Property of Universal Pictures

Keith David finishes the movie drinking from the bottle of scotch like I’ve mentioned before, but what we already know is that it isn’t a bottle of scotch.  Earlier in the movie Kurt Russel made a bunch of Molotov cocktails filling a whole bunch of bottles with gasoline.  As a normal human we are able to smell gasoline almost instant;y, and if we couldn’t smell it we would for sure taste it.  So Keith David is the “The Thing” at the end just toying with it’s food, but Kurt Russel knows this and that is why he chuckles to himself.  Now if you don’t believe in this theory that’s fine but here is another fact that points out everything I’ve mentioned…. Keith David isn’t breathing.  The two are trapped in sub-zero temperatures, and every time Kurt Russel breathes a puff of smoke is exerted from his body, but every time Keith David would have taken a breath nothing happens.

So there you go “The Thing” debunked.  If you don’t believe it, that’s fine. Yet if you want to believe it for instance if you hate open endings, that’s also fine.  Whatever you believe just remember it’s a theory.