The World of COSPLAY…C2E2 Style

In The World Of Cosplay Nothing is Off Limits

This past weekend at C2E2 2018 in Chicago was an absolute delight. Shallow Graves and INSiTE Magazine no sooner arrived on the scene when we were swept up into the magnificent world of Cosplay!

This year there seemed to be a change from previous years where we saw more of an integration of Horror Icons (Jason, Michael Myers, even a Leatherface or 2), as well as some characters from famous 80’s movies like Beetlejuice & Labrynth. Sunday brought us almost every Disney Character imaginable.

So without further adieu, “Welcome to the World of COSPLAY…C2E2 Style!!!”

Photography by: Amber Heiser & Jake Kelley

To check out more work by the fabulous Amber Heiser go to:

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