The Terrifying “Cats” Trailer

Based off the 4th longest running Broadway musical, with over 7,485 performances, the movie “Cats” is arriving on December 20th of 2019. Hosting an all star cast of singers and actors alike, the movie couldn’t possibly fail, yet have you seen what it looks like?

Basing all my opinions off the trailer, I can bet that the movie is funny, charming, and has all the right musical numbers, but I cannot get past the look of the characters. If you have ever seen “Cats” then you know that the musical is based around cats, who are played by humans so they dress up like cats. You may find the look of the cats on stage creepy, yet this film brings it to another level.

The animation used to turn these stars into cats seems to have been used back in the 1990’s, because it looks horrifying. Now granted, there is most likely no way that you can turn a human into a cat without making it look creepy, but this is straight up nightmare fuel. I honestly thought that they would just be people in costumes, like the actually musical, but no we had to opt for “realistic” and use a bunch of creepy special effects.

Nevertheless, I really hope that this movie does well, most likely won’t though, because I love all the songs in it. The cast is also amazing featuring the likes of Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Ian McKellen, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, and many more.

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