“The Terminator” Game We Have Always Wanted

Finally, an interesting game based on James Cameron‘s legendary science fiction series. Although there have been many different Terminator games, none of them have ever captured the feeling of the laser shooting, skull ridden, resistance fighting future of the “Terminator” universe.

Terminator: Resistance” will take place 30 years after the Judgement Day apocalypse in far distant future of… 2004.  In this game you will play as Jacob Rivers, an important figure in the resistance that has been targeted by Skynet for “termination”.

Set to be released on November 15th for Europe and Austrailian audiences and December 3rd for North American audiences, this game features player choice as well as multiple endings. A suitable way to make a game based around a series known for its multiple timelines.

Although the game will be releasing after the newest installment in the franchise, the game does not seem to feature any connection to the film and seems to be connected to the films that were actually interesting, 1 and 2.

Check out the trailer down below:

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