The St. Paul’s Cathedral In Belgium Is Hiding Something….

Right In Front Of Your Eyes!!!

In the Liège Cathedral (also known as the St. Paul’s Cathedral) located in Liège, Belgium,  there are many sculptures depicting heroic figures of the bible. Hidden behind the pulpit though is a dark entity. One that we are all familiar with. The sculpture is entitled Le génie du malThe Genius of Evil.

The Genius of Evil depicts the fallen angel Lucifer chained to a rock with an expression of pain carved into his face. The beautiful pulpit was commissioned in 1837 by the cathedral. Famed artist Guillaume Geefs was put in charge of the design and given the theme “The Triumph of Religion Over The Genius of Evil”. After sculpting the figures of the saints Peter, Paul, and Hubert (the first Bishop of Liege), Geefs knew there was something missing and his younger brother Joseph was put to the task. Joseph’s design was entitled L’ange dul mal (Angel of Evil) and depicted Lucifer with a broken scepter and crown as well as a serpent wrapped around his feet. As soon as the statue was put into place controversy followed. The citizens of Liège weren’t too happy with the sculpture not properly representing the christian ideal and declared that “the devil was too sublime”. The statue was removed due to the fear of it distracting penitent girls from the sermons and replaced with Geefs new design.

The original L’ange du mal designed by Joseph Guillaume

With the updated model, Geefs went on to address the criticisms his brother recieved by adding more “satanic” elements such as the a bitten apple from the tree of knowledge, a broken scepter, elongated nails to represent talons, and suttle horns emerging from his head. Le génie du mal still resides in the St. Paul’s Cathedral to this day, hidden in plain sight for the whole world to see.