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‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Castle Is Now a Luxury Hotel

 I do not think their is a human alive on this planet, that does not know the name Rocky Horror Picture Show and who hasn’t done the Time Warp at a wedding…or two! Known for its subversive sexuality and eclectic plot line, the movie over time became a cult classic. The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, now famed for midnight showings, has been screened regularly since its September 1975 U.S. release, often with audiences in full costume playing out the scenes as they are shown.

Time Warp, 40+ years into the future and located in Bray, England — just a hop, skip and a jump from London’s Heathrow Airport (about 20 minutes)—is the Rocky Horror castle also know as Oakley Court. This old English manor is currently a luxury hotel with 9 bedrooms, where many of the film’s most recognizable scenes were shot, acting as the home of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, also known as “The Frankenstein Place.”

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You’ll no doubt recognize the entryway of Oakley Court, where newly engaged couple Brad and Janet stood dripping wet before they were welcomed inside for the craziest night of their lives. There’s also the famous staircase and the room where the dinner scene was filmed.

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It’s Just A Party Janet...On Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019, fans of the cult film gathered at the Rocky Horror castle to celebrate the film during the Time Warp Picnic, where fans alike indulged in an all inclusive Rocky Horror experience!

While the hotel boasts 118 bedrooms, fans of the movie who book a stay at the Rocky Horror castle will want to make sure to book one of the nine “mansion suites” inside Oakley Court, as these are the only hotel rooms that are part of the manor’s original structure

In addition to ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, Oakley Court has acted as a filming location for a slew of films, mostly horror ‘B movies’ like ‘The Curse of Frankenstein’ (1957), ‘Theater of Blood’(1973), and ‘The Brides of Dracula’ (1960).

The next time you find yourself in London or its whereabouts, head to Oakley Court for a super luxe stay right on the River Thames.

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