The Purple Church…Urban Legend Or Hoax?

Do You Dare Enter?


A place of satanic rituals, where dead animals are scattered along the pathway and sinister messages written on the concrete walls are just some of the oddities you can expect to encounter at the Purple Church.

Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, The Purple Church has been at the center of many controversies over the years. Like something straight out of a campfire story, the hollowed out structure is a curiosity for teenagers and young adults alike to test their bravery and scare their girlfriends. But is there any truth to the tales?

The entrance to the pathway littered with the corpses of animals

Legend has it that the site is also a paranormal hot spot with accounts ranging from people being pushed down the stairs to investigators finding scratch marks on their bodies from the demonic forces. Others have witnessed the horrific scarifies that have taken place when the full moon falls on a Saturday. There are also accounts of a possessed man who chases visitors through the fields with a machete.

Just like home…

With little evidence aside from some videos and statements of those who have visited the Church, there’s not too much information on what the cement structure is or was actually used for. Some say it was a satanic church originally while others claim it’s a basement that was left after a house burned down. Whether these stories are true or not is always up for debate, but who knows? When night falls and the moon is full, anything can be possible in a place like that.

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