The Phantasm Is Coming To DC Comics

Declared one of the greatest animated films of all time, and also one of the greatest super hero films of all time, “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm” is coming to the comics finally. A familiar face, but a different identity? No one knows what this Phantasm is plotting.

Appearing in comics before, such as “Batman Beyond 2.0“, while another alternate version showed up in “DC Bombshells“, being called the Reaper. Yet, those versions don’t have the mystery that this one has. With the tagline “She Awaits You”, it seems as though there may be a familiar face underneath that metal skull mask.

An original character from “Batman: The Animated Series“, the Phantasm was originally the character Andrea Beaumont, a former love interest of the billionaire crime fighter Bruce Wayne. This character has never actually been introduced into the DC continuity, so it is interesting to see how Tom King (the writer behind the Batman series at the moment) integrates the character, and his own take on the grim murderer that is the Phantasm.

Yet, with Tom King behind the wheel, people are curious as to whether or not the character will be the same as the animated movie, or if it will be a totally different character all together. With the tagline “She Awaits You”, there is fair suspicion that it will be Andrea Beaumont behind the mask, although that is not guaranteed. Will we have another situation similar to the “Batman: Arkham Knight” game, where it tells a different story to that of the one in the comics? Or will we just be getting a different character altogether? Who knows, you’ll just have to read it to find out.

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