“The Outer Worlds” Official Announcement Trailer At E3

Yet another game that has been long awaited since it’s initial announcement in March, “The Outer Worlds” looks to be the game that Bethesda wishes they could make. With the old Obsidian spin on things, the creators of the Fallout series, this game emphasizes player choice like none other.

Featuring several factions that will all have different reactions to how the player chooses to deal with them, there will also be several branching story lines all based on the choices you make.

Set in the future when megacorporations have started colonizing and terraforming planets, you (the player) find yourself crash landed on one of these planets. From there on out, you have the choice to do what you want and when you what to. If you wanna be the villain you can be the villain, if you wanna be the hero than go save people, or if you wanna be a mass murdering psychopath… well who’s gonna stop you. It is all up to you on how you play this game, your choices define your character.

With a variety of weapons, such as shrink rays, and a ship to act as your central hub, along with your main fast travel point, you can go anywhere and do anything. So be excited because when October 25th, 2019 rolls around you better hope you got your hands on this game.

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