The Nightmare Before Christmas Gets A Comic Book Sequel!

WHAT’S THIS?!?!?!?!?!

For a movie that defined a generation, The Nightmare Before Christmas is finally getting a sequel! Manga company Tokyopop will be continuing Tim Burton‘s beloved adventure and will be written by DJ Milky with art from Studio DICE. This time though, the story will focus on a different yet familiar character.

The story will center on Jack‘s adorable pet, Zero! Aimed for a Spring 2018 release, the comic will be entitled The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey and will follow Zero and his advenures in Christmas Town. The series will initially be released to comic book stores in single full colored issues, then re-released in a full trade paperback with a black and white pocket version.

There will be more information to come, bu already I’m excited to see the little nooks and crannies that lie within the world of Christmas Town!


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