The Newest Pokemon Starters Are The Cutest

With the soon to be released “Detective Pikachu” movie coming to us on May 10th, the developers over at Game Freak and Nintendo have announced the new starter pokemon for their new games. Dropping teases for the new generation of pokemon, fans everywhere are excited to see what these little creatures have up their sleeves.

The announcement of their two new games “Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield” have fans in uproar, but not as much as the released information on their new starter pokemon. Grookey (grass type), Scorbunny (fire type), and Sobble (water type) are probably the cutest new addition to the pokemon family, and may potentially show us what this new generation of pokemon have in store for us.

The game is said to be released in late 2019 for the Nintendo Switch, and personally I cannot wait. This may be the hardest choice in which starter pokemon to choose since getting my first “Pokemon Fire Red” cartridge for my gameboy color. Supposedly, the new region these games will be set in, Galar Region, is based on the UK, which brings a new special interest in seeing how they design the whole new area. With these new pokemon and new regions, I can just tell this game will be a smash hit, yet how can pokemon fail?

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