The New “Vampire: The Masquerade” Game Releasing This Year

Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC later this year, “Vampire: The Masquerade- Coteries of New York” is the long awaited single player RPG experience fans of the series have been waiting for.

The game will let the players choose from the several vampire clans, with each clan affecting the way you play the game in some ways. Even giving some different quests that may affect the relationships between NPCs and your character. This choice may also impact your decisions on the story as well.

The story is that two vampire factions are fighting to claim control of the big apple, with those clans being Carmilla and the Anarchs. Based off the tabletop roleplaying game of the same name, this video game will be taking place in the same universe as the famous tabletop RPG.

The game allows you to play out what it would be like if you became a newly fledged vampire in this world. With branching dialogue trees, similar to other RPGs like “Mass Effect” and “Skyrim“, this new Vampire game really allows you to experience what this new world is like. Players will also be given certain powers and abilities, called disciplines, that will allow you to charm, sneak, intimidate, or kill. The game will be released sometime in later 2019, with no confirmation for when they will release the actual release date.

An important thing to note is that this game will be separate from that of “Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines 2“, which is a direct sequel to the 2004 “Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines“, which is coming out some time in 2020.

Here is the trailer for “Vampire: The Masquerade- Coteries of New York”:

And here is the trailer for “Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines 2”:

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